Circle of Friends

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is a topic I’ve touched on before, but since the phenomenon fascinates me so much— I’ll molest it again.

I believe Gestalt Psychology is the best, visual example, of what I’m about to explain. This “using your mind to fill in the blank” is done in circles of friends. Peer-pressure? Quite frankly so. Nietzsche popularly warns, that when one looks into the abyss— it likewise looks into you. All these various elements orchestrate a fine example of social corruption, likewise social purification.

Take for example, an individual who for the longest of time, had no friends to call their own. Gains a group of friends with differing interests, but have taken a liking to the individual. Take that this individual wants dearly for these new friends to like them, whether honestly believing that or falling into the delusion of “experimentation”… a ‘need’ is the first step to advertisement corruption.

Break it down, Vince!

You’re gonna love his nuts.

When the ‘need’ is developed, it interfaces like a nicotine addiction. It spans across the mind where there was no need for this before. Each facet of reasoning transforms, it accommodates, it becomes a part of the being.  But corruption is not based on ‘need’ alone, the conscious individual must take their own reasoning and find the holes that they feel exist within it— as though submitting themselves to reification in order to interface with the group.

It impressed upon me, that in Gestalt psychology, its very visual oriented. But taking the thematic principles and applying it to psychosocial patterns opens up a fascinating can of worms.  Fortunately, the principles of Gestalt psychology are initially taught visually, but its application do reach other parts. One particular point of interest is the Three-Process View.

Selective-Encoding Insight

Selective-Combination Insight

Selective-Comparison Insight

Anyways, aside from all that mumbo-jumbo of depth that I ponder about… the bottom-line, is that an individual that is a blank slate is much easier to corrupt than a slate that is written upon. This is why we are often characterized by the friends we make. And I’ve met people who lie to themselves about who they truly are, because of the friends they feel they need to keep– or the people that they feel they cannot give up. I try not to associate with these individuals, only because even after sharings words with them— they have to suffer through their pains on their own pace or they will never know the worth of their personal integrity.

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.”  -David Star Jordan, The Philosophy of Despair


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