Posted: August 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

So with the reintroduction of electro in my existence, I opened my horizons to the various sounds in music. Ultimately, even though I enjoy and tolerate most music… I found that amongst the things I listen to, I’ve hit a wall with certain tracks and have discovered more of my personal taste in music. One thing I found rather distinct was that I enjoy the sounds a good handful of people enjoy, with the exception of things that lack an enjoyable pattern or rhythm… or don’t have a distinctive punch. My resonation belongs to a mood and I’ve collected various songs and tracks that match these moods.

When it comes to music I can’t fully enjoy, I begin to ponder why it is enjoyed by those that do. So I begin to psychanalyze the appreciation in these tracks’ rhythm and rhyme. Slipknot is one group I could never fully immerse myself into, but I understand the vibes— and I can understand the patterns in the minds of the crowds. But I can’t copy this pattern into myself. However, I find these diverse pleasures fascinating… not for myself, but how others indulge in them.

And so, I wander some more.


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