1yr Wanderer

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Some might wonder… “Two-year wanderer”, what’s that about? There is a meaning behind this. Two-Years is the estimated time anyone proceeds from one relationship stage once its over, a good number of individuals jump from relationship to relationship rather quickly, but I tend to let things simmer for a bit and figure things out. Hence, “Two-year wanderer”.

Its approximately 1 year now.

I don’t always like to mope on blogs, although I’ve done it quite a lot before, but I try to be mature about it. What I do however commit time to, is contemplating life through the scope of tragedy and seeing where humanity rises from such events. What I am attaching below are two pages from my personal journal. As with all individuals who struggle through their pains in life, it is a humbling experience to look back and understand one’s self— after all, this is one of the ways to get to know yourself, to see the imago dei, accept one’s anima/animus through introspection.

I call these two excerpts “Death Cycle”. HINT: The right page is given context by the left page.


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