Divination of Opportunity

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

So… I decided to continue a divination experiment.

A friend displaced their furniture in the office, due to their new furnishings in their home. Of all the furniture pieces scattered about the workplace, there was one particular area that had such a contrasting resonation. Our work lounge is the most serene, balanced room in the entire area and its often the best place to relax and some people even fall asleep in there. My friend’s carpet was placed in that room. And it felt really off. Some might attribute a personal attachment to items, but I felt nothing for the other items— as I figured the balance of the rest of the facility was so out-of-whack anyway, that it didn’t impede on any flow of energy.

Employing some tools to understand the imbalance present in the room, the entire message being presented to me came very clear. Surprisingly clear. I have gained insight not only to the nature of the imbalanced energy, but also reinforcement as to why spiritualists/psychics use the elements actively used by a particular individual in order to divine them. Also, it gave me wonder if this is particularly why items of personal value are burned in order to discard their energies— this is particularly an Indian belief, especially with clothing.

After the divination, before I could properly decipher the message, I had this close-gagging feeling. Similar, but not as potent to when I accidentally inhaled a cigar smoke as I was trying to light one. I thought I was dehydrated, but after some water, the feeling came back. I considered it an oral fixation, but lollipops didn’t work. I tested one more possibility and just sucked on a new cigarette (i don’t smoke, btw… socially sometimes)— and the feeling went away.

Odd. But insightful. =)


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